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ADR Experience

Since Gilbert Mediation Center began providing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services in 2005, the qualified neutrals on our roster have mediated and arbitrated thousands of cases. Our neutrals handle a wide variety of civil disputes, from straightforward single issue claims to complex matters involving millions of dollars and multiple parties and law firms.

Gilbert Mediation Center neutrals have not only extensive private trial practice experience but also substantial judicial experience. This dual perspective from both sides of the bench adds to the quality and depth of a neutral’s understanding of the disputes. In mediations, our neutrals strive to reach a fair resolution that is acceptable to all parties involved while fully respecting each party’s right to make an independent decision and to proceed with litigation if so desired. In arbitrations, our neutrals are experienced in fact-finding, preparing legal conclusions, ruling on evidence and assessing credibility.

The following list includes the types of civil mediation and arbitration cases our neutrals have resolved:

  • Family law: A number of Gilbert Mediation Center neutrals have extensive judicial experience deciding family law cases. As such, these neutrals have focused portions of their mediation and arbitration practice on matters involving divorce, property division, valuation issues, maintenance, child support, visitation, parenting guidelines and early neutral evaluation (ENE). Gilbert Mediation Center handles arbitrations and special master responsibilities of family disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner, in a bundled or unbundled (only some issues) fashion;
  • Business disputes: Shareholder disputes, including matters involving oppression of minority corporate shareholders and limited liability company (LLC) member disputes, buyouts, and internal-management disputes. Partnership disputes involving winding down, buyouts, fiduciary relations and other matters related to partnerships. Valuation disputes involving the value of business assets and real estate;
  • Employment claims: A wide variety of employment-related cases, including matters involving age, disability and gender discrimination, wrongful discharge, breach of employment contract, EEOC claims, whistleblowers, covenants not to compete and disclosure of confidential information;
  • Real estate disputes: Cases involving issues such as ownership, boundary disputes, easements, priority of liens and mortgages, real estate workout foreclosures and problem loans with lenders and participating banks, mechanic’s liens, and valuation disputes, municipal zoning, land use and development agreements;
  • Banking and mortgage-related disputes: Matters involving nonperforming loans, restructure, informal reorganizations, loan workouts and claims by and among participating banks on various loans, both residential and commercial;
  • Probate and wills: A number of family disputes and beneficiary disagreements involving wills, trusts and estates; these matters have included claims among beneficiaries, disputes over claims to specific assets, valuations and cases involving winding up of disputed probate estates;
  • Bankruptcy-related matters: A number of bankruptcy-related disputes, including, but not limited to, adversary proceeds, clawbacks, claims among creditors and discharge ability issues;
  • Intellectual property matters: Complex cases, including patent disputes, trademark and trade name disagreements, and violation of noncompete and confidentiality agreements relating to intellectual property, software and cloud procedures;
  • Eminent domain: State and local eminent domain proceedings, including damages, valuation, partial takings, severance damages, claims for attorney’s fees, public purpose and related matters. Our neutrals have also served as arbitrators and commissioners appointed by the court in eminent domain proceedings in various counties;
  • Insurance coverage: Disputes involving policy terms, conditions, time on the risk, exclusions and declaratory judgment actions relating to insurance coverage disputes;
  • Legal and medical malpractice: Claims of professional negligence;
  • Construction disputes: Disputes, including breach of warranty claims, water intrusion damages, construction defects, disputes among owners and mechanic’s lien-priority relating to improvements of property;
  • Class action: Mediation of cases involving class actions relating to asbestos and consumer-related complaints brought by private plaintiffs and others;
  • Consumer protection claims: Mediation of a number of cases under the consumer protection and related statutes;
  • Municipal disputes: Disputes among neighbors and between municipal parties, Joint Powers Agreements, lake use, docks (LMCD) and land-use issues;
  • Personal injury and products liability cases.


Qualified Neutrals Serving Clients Throughout Minnesota And Nationwide

We are locally owned and managed. If you are seeking a qualified neutral in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Aspen, Colorado or anywhere in the U.S., we are here to provide you with the ADR services you need.

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