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Why choose Gilbert Mediation Center?

  • Virtual or In-Person Mediations and Arbitrations – Choose to mediate from home or safely in person at our offices! Gilbert Mediation Center neutrals are available to provide you with ADR services on either an in-person or virtual basis, depending on your preference. Our neutrals have effectively conducted numerous remote mediations via state-of-the-art video conferencing with a similar resolution success rate to mediations held in person. Our experienced staff has been working at the Gilbert Mediation Center since 2005 and will assist you in scheduling your preferred method of mediation. If you choose in-person mediation, the Gilbert Mediation Center has COVID-19 protocols in place to protect your health and safety. Click here to see Gilbert Mediation Center facilities. We do not charge administrative fees, hearing room rent or termination fees for arbitrations (unlike the national ADR groups).
  • Experience in Litigation Resolution: Trial lawyers, judges, general counsel and other parties have come to rely on Gilbert Mediation Center for efficient and effective ADR services. Gilbert Mediation Center is a leading alternative dispute resolution firm serving clients throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Aspen, Colorado, and nationwide. Our qualified neutrals have significant experience on both sides of the bench, which gives them the wisdom and experience to assist in resolving complex, high-stakes legal disputes.
  • Commitment: We have conducted thousands of mediations and know how to work until a fair resolution is reached for you. Our experienced neutrals critically think about each side’s strengths and witnesses and you can trust that they are dedicated to helping you achieve your best shot at settlement.

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Contact us today ONLINE or by telephone at 952-767-0167 for a consultation regarding our ADR services or to schedule a mediation with one of our qualified neutrals. We will continue to meet your needs and welcome your calls.