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~ Will be joining Justice Gilbert at Gilbert Mediation Center ~

Saint Paul – First Lady Mary Pawlenty announced that she is today joining Gilbert Mediation Center as a mediator and arbitrator of civil disputes. Gilbert Mediation Center, which was established by Jim Gilbert, formerly an Associate Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, handles all forms of alternative dispute resolution.

“Justice Gilbert has established a mediation center of excellence. Its cornerstone is a select set of retired judges, each with an established reputation for fairness and integrity.” First Lady Mary Pawlenty said. “This is a great group of well-respected professionals and I’m delighted to join them.”

The First Lady was a district court judge in the First Judicial District for 12 years until she resigned from the bench in February 2007.

The professionals at Gilbert Mediation Center assist parties in resolving their disputes outside the judicial system rather than litigating in court. Gilbert Mediation Center has become a leader in Minnesota in mediated settlement of civil disputes at all stages, including before litigation is commenced, during the litigation process, and post-trial. The retired judges at Gilbert Mediation also serve as neutrals to hear and rule on disputes submitted by the parties. More information about Gilbert Mediation Center may be found at lawgilbert.com.