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*No Administrative Fees*

Twin Cities Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

An Accomplished Roster of Qualified Neutrals

At Gilbert Mediation Center, our qualified neutrals are dedicated to resolving legal disputes for clients throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Aspen, Colorado and nationwide.

We believe that the use of experienced mediators with significant judicial and trial experience, dedicated to the resolution of disputes with input and consent of the parties, leads to more satisfactory and efficient settlements. Building upon that philosophy, we have become a leader in the growing trend toward post-trial mediated settlements during the appellate process.

We offer a broad range of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services, including:


In addition to exceptional mediation and arbitration services, Gilbert Mediation Center provides specially tailored ADR rooms in a neutral setting. These settings are designed to encourage more relaxed, focused and productive dialogue.

By combining expert mediation within a neutral environment, we are able to quickly mediate, finalize settlements and create documents, often within the space of a day or less. Our state-of-the-art facilities in the West Metro and Downtown Minneapolis areas feature comfortably furnished spaces and private offices for attorneys to consult with each other and their clients, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the mediation or arbitration process.

Alternatively, if you prefer, and the parties agree, we will gladly come to your offices.

No Administrative Fees

We offer free use of hearing rooms and charge no administrative fees. Our professional staff is immediately available to help you with scheduling and finalizing settlements.

Contact Our ADR Firm

We are locally owned and managed. Our arbitrators, mediators and special masters are readily available for scheduling. Even if a national arbitration company may be specified in an arbitration agreement, we can still serve as independent arbitrators of that dispute if the parties agree, thus avoiding thousands of dollars in needless administrative and termination fees.

Contact us today online or by telephone at 952-767-0167 or toll free at 877-237-0167  to discuss your ADR needs.