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*No Administrative Fees and Flexible Scheduling*


As concern over the coronavirus continues, we wanted to let you know that we are working to continue assisting with arbitrations and mediations virtually.  We use Zoom Video Conferencing and can connect with your video conferencing devices or by teleconferencing.  We will be flexible and responsive to your needs.  Thank you for your continued trust as we all move forward in this new environment.

In response to the COVID-19 situation, Gilbert Mediation Center is aware of and sensitive to the situation and we continue to carefully follow developments.

During this uncertain time, we are going to do our part in continuing to serve our clients by moving things forward, while being mindful of social distancing needs or recommendations. We are conducting arbitrations and mediations using video conferencing and telephonic technologies and have already successfully conducted a number of mediation sessions. These methods will save travel time for all participating and will be conducted in a comfortable setting of your choosing. We encourage you to consider these options.

We will continue to meet your needs and welcome your calls. Please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for using our ADR services.

Twin Cities Mediation and Arbitration

Gilbert Mediation Center is a leading alternative dispute resolution (ADR) firm serving clients throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Aspen, Colorado and nationwide. Our Twin Cities mediation and arbitration group offers clients a number of advantages:

  • Accomplished roster of qualified neutrals with significant experience on both sides of the bench.
  • No administrative fees, hearing room rent or termination fees for arbitrations (unlike the national ADR groups).
  • State-of-the-art mediation and arbitration facilities in two convenient locations in the Twin Cities —  West Metro and Downtown Minneapolis, or a location of your choosing. Click here to see Gilbert Mediation Center facilities.


Litigation Resolution

Trial lawyers, judges, general counsel attorneys and other parties have come to rely on Gilbert Mediation Center for efficient and effective ADR services. Our clients come to us because they need neutrals with the wisdom and experience to assist in resolving complex, high-stakes legal disputes. Our qualified neutrals help them resolve their disputes in a fair and just manner, without the uncertainty of delays and expense of trial.

Contact Our Minneapolis and St. Paul Qualified Neutrals

Our arbitrators, mediators and special masters are available for scheduling. Even if a national arbitration company may be specified in an arbitration agreement, we can still serve as independent arbitrators of that dispute if the parties agree, thus avoiding the thousands of dollars in needless administrative and termination charges of these national organizations.

Contact us today online or by telephone at 952-767-0167 to book an appointment with one of our qualified neutrals.